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Message from Fred Ali, President & CEO:
The Achieving Equity Convening—One Year Later

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In March 2017 the Weingart Foundation brought together leaders from philanthropy, nonprofit organizations, government, business, and labor to identify opportunities for advancing fairness and inclusion in communities throughout California. At the concluding session of the Achieving Equity convening, President & CEO Fred Ali outlined commitments the Weingart Foundation was prepared to make in four different areas of work. To read Fred’s Message outlining progress since the Achieving Equity convening, click here.


The Transition to Equity Grantmaking: Q&A with Joyce Ybarra, Director of Learning

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2017 was a year of important transition for the Weingart Foundation. We announced our full commitment to equity in August 2016—a long-term dedication to base all of our work on advancing fairness, inclusion and opportunity for Southern Californians, and especially for those communities hit hardest by persistent poverty. In the months following this announcement, the Foundation began filtering all of our financial and programmatic decisions through an equity lens. We also introduced several new grant strategies, and we’ve done a lot of listening and learning.

Joyce Ybarra, the Foundation’s director of learning, examined our funding over the past year and a half to assess how our commitment to inclusion and opportunity is starting to manifest. Joyce recently shared her perspective on what equity grantmaking is starting to look like at the Weingart Foundation. To read the Q&A with Joyce, click here.