We work to advance fairness, inclusion, and opportunity for all Southern Californians, especially those communities hit hardest by persistent poverty.

President’s Message:
The Achieving Equity Convening Recap

The Weingart Foundation’s full commitment to equity contains a pledge to use our voice and influence to call attention to the importance of advancing fairness and inclusion and urge our peers to join in this work. Many in philanthropy have taken up the call for equity but much more needs to be done, and we need to learn from one another.

Achieving Equity convening - videos

This is why on March 2nd, our Foundation brought together key leaders from philanthropy, as well as from the nonprofit sector, government, business, and labor for the Achieving Equity convening in Los Angeles. The convening was a starting point. In my closing remarks that day, I offered several ways we can all move forward together. I invite you to join the collective effort to advance equity. To read Fred’s full Message, click here.

Vice President’s Message:
Preliminary Program Plan Assumptions for FY 2018

The Weingart Foundation has long held listening and learning as core organizational values, and feedback from the sector informs the development of our Program Plan each year. Last summer, following the announcement of our commitment to equity and our FY 2017 Program Plan, we began an ongoing process of intensified listening to guide our development of strategies to advance fairness, inclusion, and opportunity across the communities we serve.

In our conversations with nonprofit and community leaders, we’ve heard heightened anxiety and confusion about the new federal administration. Leaders are questioning how they should adapt to this new political reality. Many are expressing concern about the prospect of losing the progress we’ve gained on issues such as health care and immigrant rights, as well as the possibility of significant reductions in government funding and the elimination of programs for the most vulnerable.

From our perspective, the primary issue remains equity—especially given the changes at the federal level. For us, equity means correcting the imbalances we see across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic lines in our education, health, economic, and justice systems.

As we plan the Foundation’s equity-based grantmaking strategy for FY 2018, we are reaffirming a number of Assumptions from last year and also adding new Assumptions in response to the urgency of the current landscape—and the need to respond to changing federal policies, protect communities, and harness our collective efforts. These Assumptions will be used to guide the development of our FY 2018 Program Plan, which will be released and shared on our website this July. To read the preliminary FY 2018 Program Plan Assumptions and to send us your comments and reactions, click here.

Belen Vargas
Vice President, Programs