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Message from Joanna Jackson, VP, Grant Operations
Are Nonprofits Prepared for a Recession?

Joanna Jackson

A reporter from The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently reached out to the Weingart Foundation asking how prepared nonprofits might be for a financial downturn. I had been wondering the same thing, given the painful memories from the last major financial crisis a decade ago and predictions of another downturn in the next 12 to 18 months looming. I want to believe nonprofits are better positioned to weather a significant downturn. At the same time, our program officers share that many nonprofits are currently planning for continued, and in some cases, rapid programmatic growth in order to meet the tremendous needs our communities are facing. We urge organizations engaged in such growth plans to also consider the importance of scenario planning for the economic downturns that inevitably come.

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Q&A with Tim Ortez, Vice President and CFO
An Equity Approach Across our Investments

Fred Ali Picture

The Weingart Foundation’s commitment to equity requires that all of our policies and practices align with our focus on advancing fairness, inclusion and opportunity. Our grantmaking has evolved as a result of this commitment, and we continue to share learnings during this time of transition.

As a part of this equity commitment, we are also looking at the Foundation’s overall investment and financial strategies. How can our investments serve as another way to fulfill our mission? Similarly, we have been exploring how other practices, such as how we select vendors, can be reflective of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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