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Miguel Santana to Join Weingart Foundation Board of Directors

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Miguel Santana to the Weingart Foundation board of directors. Miguel’s appointment was effective February 17, 2017.

With over 25 years of public and community service, Miguel is widely known and highly regarded in both Los Angeles City and County governments. He is currently president and CEO of the Los Angeles County Fair Association.

Previously, Miguel served as the City of Los Angeles’ Administrative Officer, where he oversaw the City’s $8.1 billion budget, labor negotiations, debt management and a number of major policy issues. Among his many accomplishments, Miguel was key in helping Los Angeles navigate the financial crisis and recession that followed, and most recently, was instrumental in the City’s fight to end homelessness.

Prior to his work with the City, Miguel served as a Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Los Angeles County, providing oversight to all the County’s social service departments. Given the Weingart Foundation’s focus on human services, this experience combined with his financial expertise and long record of community service makes Miguel uniquely qualified to serve on our board. He also currently serves on the boards of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the United Way of Los Angeles, among others.

Miguel’s deep experience in government and his ability to work across sectors will be invaluable to the Weingart Foundation’s efforts to advance social and economic equity and support nonprofit effectiveness. He has worked tirelessly to serve our communities—especially those hit hardest by persistent poverty—and his dedication is reflective of the values that underlie the Foundation’s equity commitment.

We are honored to have Miguel join our board and become part of the Weingart Foundation team.

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Monica C. Lozano
Chairman of the Board