2008 Annual Report
Ben Weingart
Ben Weingart
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An astute businessman who rose from poverty to become a multimillionaire, Ben Weingart is probably best known for his efforts in founding the city of Lakewood on former agricultural fields.  His vast real estate holdings included hotels, shopping centers and apartment buildings.  Ben Weingart’s business success epitomizes America’s great entrepreneurial spirit, but more important was his success as a generous caring human being who used his wealth to help those around him.

In 1951, Ben Weingart and his wife, Stella, formalized their philanthropic philosophy by forming the Weingart Foundation.  The Weingart Foundation seeks to build a better America by offering constructive assistance to people in need, thereby helping them to lead more rewarding, responsible lives.  In pursuit of these goals, the Foundation makes grants to credible non-profit agencies and charitable organizations chiefly in Southern California.