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Q&A with Joyce Ybarra, Director of Learning
The Case for Unrestricted Operating Support

Joanna Jackson

The Weingart Foundation’s core grantmaking strategy is to provide unrestricted funding to organizations advancing racial, social and economic equity. In order to deepen our understanding of the impact of our Unrestricted Operating Support, in 2017 and 2018 we worked with our evaluation partner, Harder+Company Community Research, to develop a series of case profiles that detail the work of four grantee partners. The case profiles provide us with important insights into how Unrestricted Operating Support can strengthen organizational capacity and effectiveness. In this Q&A, Joyce Ybarra, director of learning, highlights her main takeaways from the research.

Grantees Rate the Work of the Foundation

In 2018, the Weingart Foundation conducted a comprehensive survey of grantees and applicants in partnership with the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP). As a part of this process, nearly 500 current Foundation grantees and recent applicants were invited to participate in a confidential online perception survey. The results of this comprehensive survey were quite positive, giving us assurance that nonprofits believe our strategies and practices are on the right track. We continue steadfast in our commitment to providing Unrestricted Operating Support to build nonprofit capacity, knowing that communities must lead the way in advancing racial and socio-economic equity. In addition, some survey findings are informing ongoing conversations at the Foundation on how we can streamline our grantmaking process, provide additional non-monetary support to grantees, and create opportunities for more engagement between our program staff and grantees. Thank you to all the organizations that participated in this survey.

To read the summary of key findings click here; to read the full report click here.